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IBM Cognos TM1 Enterprise Planning Software

IBM Cognos TM1 provides a dynamic, collaborative solution to meet all of your enterprise budgeting and forecasting planning needs, including Strategic Plans, Budgeting, Forecasting, what-if scenario modelling, allocations, activity based costing and profitability analysis. With Microsoft Excel integration and choice of centralised or distributed deployment methods, TM1 revolutionises comprehensive bottom-up participation in the planning process. The solution can be owned by finance, while business users manage their own work without the need for constant IT support, ensuring the alignment of financial and operational targets in one connected solution.

TM1 allows your organisation to consistently deliver timely, reliable plans and forecasts, along with contingency plans. Users (financial and non-financial) can analyse situations where performance begins to deviate from the plan or forecast, drill in to the data (down to transactional level) to examine the financials of the organisation by time, geography, product and department. The common platform and ability to easily analyse information via TM1’s familiar interfaces ensures user adoption and trust in the information provided.


Streamlining of Financial Processes – Many Finance departments short change their strategy support, enterprise performance management and risk management activities because they’re too busy reining in and validating data. Users no longer have to rely on spreadsheets and manually consolidating data from multiple sources, as this is completed automatically using IBM Cognos TM1 ensuring data reliability and allowing more time for value added activities.

Facilitates best practices – Features an innovative, guided modelling environment that facilitates deployment of driver-based planning, rolling forecasts and profitability analysis; allows top-down as well as bottom-up planning.

Collaboration – With TM1 there is a choice of distributed or centralised planning deployments for a range of users and activities and interfaces, including Microsoft Excel or web templates. The solution also combines workflow which allows Finance to see at any stage how the process is progressing, but also allows a hierarchical submission and review process during the planning cycle.

TM1 can be deployed on premise or via a cloud-based deployment. Whatever functionality you’re prioritising, Cognos TM1 can make it work.

PMsquare provides tailored and fully integrated Cognos TM1 installation, support, maintenance and related services. Contact us at to find out more.

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