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Harmonise your Analytics experience with Theia

Theia brings multiple BI tools and assets into a single entry point, giving IT enterprise security, and users appealing visualisations

You’ve made a significant investment in IBM Cognos or other enterprise platforms (such as Power BI, Tableau, or Qlik) that have a controlled, vetted layer of data that gest delivered to your end users. But your users are impatient and are onboarding other systems that might be easier to use and can deliver data for insights in faster and more dynamic ways. The big risk with this scenario are the sources of the data they are using in these new systems to make decisions. It could come from Excel sheets, old report data, and a vareity of other sources that you really don’t know how trusted they are.

Theia can help you reduce this risk and maintain a semantic structure. Theia can pull existing reporting assets (queries, reports, model items, etc) and metadata from Cognos and other tools into Their itself as well as your platforms of choice to explore the stories within the data.

Benefits and Features:

  • Visualise data from a variety of sources
  • Unify ALL business sytems
  • Regain control of ALL platforms and how they are being used
  • Access all information from a single entry point
  • Take control of license and maintenance costs
  • Create an engaging user experience

Reduce Risk and Regain Control of ALL Platforms

By bringing all of your platforms under Theia, you de-risk your investment in IBM Cognos and other enterprise platforms, whilst still meeting the demands of your users.

Theia focuses on the user experience

Theia uses the concepts of apps and gaming (dashboards, intuitive navigation etc) to create an alluring way of interacting with critical information.

Rekindle the relationship between IT and business

The business wants speed and ease, and IT wants control.  Theia meets both demands with a quick and fluid way to deliver information that is also secure and controlled.

How do you bring together the value of all your BI systems to complete the analytics story for your organisation?

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